Soulja Boy Responds After His Brother & Mother Expose Him

Soulja Boy Responds After His Brother & Mother Expose Him | Audio Plug

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Could Soulja Boy be a deadbeat son and brother? John Way, DeAndre’s younger sibling, released a diss track recently saying Soulja left their mother in poverty. It prompted Soulja to address the issue on IG Live saying, “Loyalty before royalty.”

In a new video posted to YouTube, his younger brother, rapper John Way, and mother reveal that they’re kin’s success didn’t really trickle down to them. To prove what he rapped is true, Way begins the video referencing the diss track, saying, “A lot of y’all think this is a game, a lot of y’all are laughing. Really listen to those lyrics on spin.” He goes on, “If you know me, you know I’m a real dude. My momma right there.”

His mother then looks up, and when Way asks her where they are, she responds, “We’re at my house in the middle of the goddamned hood.”

When his mother and brother appeared in a video calling him a deadbeat for leaving them in the hood, Soulja Boy struck back in a big way.

“She a crackhead and he live with his dad he not in the hood they looking for a come up Fuck them,” he posted on Twitter. The “Draco” rapper went on a rant before deleting everything.

He claims his mother only calls him when she needs money. Apparently, she blew $100,000 of his hard-earned fortune in a single week. Big Soulja called his brother “a brokebitch” and would slap him if they ever cross paths.

Soulja also claims he made his first million when he was 17 and has taken care of his family ever since. According to his deleted posts, he just bought a new mansion and still has millions in the bank.

Source: BET

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