Lil Bankhead Throws Out Bundles Of Hair Weave Instead Of Money At The Strip Club!

The act of throwing money at nude or semi-nude dancers has been around for eons…or at the very least, as long as gentleman clubs have existed.

A couple years ago, Drake and 2 Chains shut VLive down after blowing $2 million, Fabolous blew $28,000 at Diamonds, while Rick Ross spent $1 million. But sometimes, nothing compares to getting a fresh head full of luscious hair.

Apparently no one knows that better than Bankhead. The southern charmer hit up the renown Onyx stripclub last night. The spot “Where all the sexy ladies play,” was probably one of the best places to work after he passed through. While most visitors don’t hesitate to enjoy the nightlife to blow off some steam (and maybe some bands), Bankhead took things in a different direction.

Instead of making it rain ones, the Atlanta public figure popped up ready to throw something new: hair bundles! Of course, there was no shortage of generous stacks, but what really got the night popping was reaching into his duffle bag and handing out free packaged hair.

Lil Bankhead showed off this generosity by posting a video on Instagram of the strippers gladly taking advantage of his offer.

Guess it’s safe to say the Streetz945 personality figured out another key to a woman’s heart is free, top quality hair.


Source: Vladtv