Bow Wow Gets Caught Lying About Private Club In His Crib

If you’re going to lie on social media, just don’t.

Rapper Bow Wow has been caught lying again for the one hundred zillionth time….. The former-child star is at it again… Remember when he got caught lying on Instagram about flying on a private jet, when he was actually flying coach? Clearly he didn’t learn his lesson about flexin’ on social media because he seems to be up to his old antics.

Just a few hours into 2018Shad Moss made the same mistake when he stunted on the ‘gram by saying that he had a club in his crib, while showing footage of him partying with friends and fans on New Years Eve. However it turns out that might not be the case after all. 

Bow Wow is still frauding about his lifestyle after the Bow Wow challenge, because various people from the night were sharing photos of themselves and tagging their photos from So So Def’s studio, NOT Bow Wow’s house.  Bow Wow can be seen in the fans’ photos too, proving that he definitely wasn’t at his house. Check out the hilarious evidence below….


Oh the shame.

I’m hoping there’s an explanation from Shad to come, because at the moment it looks like we just had our first #BowWowChallenge moment of 2018 already..