Twitterverse Reacts After Bow Wow Claims He Dated Kim Kardashian West

Twitterverse is at it again…….

Shad Moss, commonly known as Bow Wow, said in an interview this week that he previously dated Kim Kardashian West, but kept things quiet because he had never dated outside of his race before.

The 30-year-old rapper told Hollywood Unlocked that the pair got each other’s information when she was still Paris Hilton’s BFF, around the time she covered King Magazine in 2007.

“We was cool, we remained friends,” Bow Wow said And this was right before Reggie Bush,” Bow Wow explained at the 49-minute mark. “The reason nobody knew is because of how I move. We kicked it hard … I’m just so nervous because I never really dated outside my race before, this is different for a nigga. I don’t know how my fans going to look at it … so I kept that shit low and nobody really knew.”

The reaction from those on social media to Bow Wow’s reveal has been a mix of disbelief and “IDGAF.”

 Twitter’s reluctance to trust Bow Wow’s claims likely stems from his private jet fiasco in May.

The star was busted by social media after he claimed to be flying on a private jet for a promo run. Not only was the private jet photo he shared stolen but he was also spotted on a commercial flight the same day he uploaded the private jet photo to Instagram.

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