Nipsey Hussle Slams Reporters Mocking Diddy’s Desire To Buy Carolina Panthers

Nipsey Hussle took to Instagram on Monday night (December 19) to strongly condemn two reporters who recently mocked Sean “Diddy” Combs’ desire to purchase the Carolina Panthers.

In their Monday morning broadcast on San Francisco’s KRON 4, sports reporter Henry Wooford and anchor Darya Folsom laughed off the idea of Diddy buying the Panthers from current owner Jerry Richardson.

“By the way, how you can take this seriously? The guy looks high right there in that video,” Wooford said. “He looks like he just smoked a blunt and drank a 40 … Come on! I’m not taking him seriously!”

“I don’t really even know what Diddy does anymore,” Folsom interjects. “What does Diddy do? What does Diddy even do?”

To which Wooford replies: “Diddy’s drinking and smoking right now, I told you. You can tell by looking at that video. He was in another world!”

Nipsey was quick to react after footage of the pair’s disheartening remarks began to circulate online.

The Los Angeles rapper continued trashing the reporters in a brief encounter with TMZ.

“Fuck the nigga that was doubtin’ them on the news, woofin’ that shit, man,” Hussle said. “We gon’ catch you and beat yo ass, nigga.”

TMZ also got Nipsey’s bro, YG, out at Staples Center … and it’s pretty clear he’s got Diddy and Kaep’s backs, too.

Wooford and Folsom have since offered on-air apologies to Diddy and anyone who was offended by their comments.

Via: HipHopDx

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