Lupe Fiasco Justifies Average Quality Of “DROGAS Light”

Lupe Fiasco has had a turbulent relationship with Atlantic Records since the release of his 2011 album L.A.S.E.R.S., and at a recent performance, he was finally able to speak candidly about his relationship with the label.

During a recent show in Seattle, Washington, the Chicago rapper took five minutes out of his show to speak to the crowd about the quality of the material on DROGAS Light, which moved just north of 14k first-week copies and was largely panned by critics.

DROGAS Light was a compilation of old ass songs we just had laying around,” Lupe told the crowd. He pretty much admitted that he took the L with this LP.

The Chicago rapper revealed that while fans believed 2015’s Tetsuo & Youth was his final project for the label, his 2017 release DROGAS Light was also made with the intention of fulfilling his Atlantic contract. “It was in both worlds,” he said. “The label still getting paid, and the other foot was independent, where they wasn’t gonna do shit…” Lupe explained that for this reason, he decided against giving the label his best work and instead made what was an average compilation.

According to Lupe, the follow-up to DROGAS Light, appropriately-titled, DROGAS Wave, “is amazing” and his “best album to date.”

Watch Fiasco speak below.

Reference: Hip Hop N More