Nicki Minaj Donates Tuition To Multiple Fans Via Twitter

Nicki Minaj spent a portion of her Saturday night on Twitter donating money to high-performing college students who need help covering education costs.

It was 19 minutes after midnight on Sunday morning when CJ, a 21-year-old student working two jobs to pay her college fees, dropped her tweet. She had just seen a message from Minaj to her international fans – the rapper said she would pay their airfare from any country should they win a contest to spend time with her at the upcoming Billboard music awards in Las Vegas.

It was all very well for Minaj to help out fans from around the world with plane tickets, CJ thought, but what about those struggling in the US, who couldn’t even afford to go to school? “Well you wanna pay for my tuition,” she tweeted back at the star.

Not only did she reply to CJ, but she also replied to a great deal of more tweets, some of which were simply asking for help paying for textbooks while others were hoping for subsidized tuition. Minaj was happy to help anyone who could show her proper proof of straight-A grades and their fees. She replied to close to 30 people, agreeing to pay as much as $6,000 to one fan in need.

Nicely done, Nicki! By the way, she mentioned coming back with the same “bargain” in a month or so. Stay tuned!

Reference: The Guardian

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