Kanye West Talks Metting J Dilla: Detailed Interview

An extremely rare interview with Kanye West has been uncovered that showcases the artist before his YEEZY fashion line and the hype around his adidas partnership. Shot in 2013 for Stones Throw documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, the multifaceted public figure comments on his relationship with J Dilla, his upbringing in Chicago, fashion parallels to artists and designers and much more.

During the 22-minute interview, which was filmed for the Stones Throw documentary Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton and uncovered by Hypebeast last night (March 7), Kanye recalls meeting J Dilla at Common’s house in LA.  “It felt like drugs,” he says of Dilla’s productions. “His music just sounded like good pussy.”

Kanye went on to explain what it was like to experience Dilla’s music. “He had the organic feel but still the sonics were breakthrough, and he could give you a warm sound that still cut through speakers,” he says. “It’s like he was making Quincy Jones production sessions inside his MPC.” In addition to remembering the Detroit producer, he also talks about his Chicago upbringing and the parallels between fashion and music. In 2014, outtakes from the interview were shared where Kanye explained Dilla’s influence on his work and what it was like working with Madlib.

Watch the entire interview below.

Source: Pitch Fork