Kamaiyah Reveals “Don’t Get It Twisted” New Mixtape

Last year, Kamaiyah defied expectations with her stellar debut solo mixtape, A Good Night In The Ghetto. Since then, the Oakland rapper has been picking her spots wisely, delivering videos from her tape and showing up to steal the show on YG”s “Why You Always Hatin?” Now, she’s looking to keep the momentum rolling into 2017 with an upcoming release.

Kamaiyah will drop a new mixtape titled Don’t Ever Get It Twisted on April 21. Details about the project are still pretty slim, though the rapper did take to Twitter clarify that it’s definitely a mixtape (not her official debut album), and that the tape’s final artwork has yet to be revealed.

Kamaiyah signed to Interscope in 2016. That means her official debut album will come out sooner rather than later. For now, stay tuned for that mixtape.

Source: The Fader