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Anyone that has love for music really knows that putting it out there for others to have a listen to is pretty much the way to go if nothing else. Being a fast-growing music streaming, sharing and discovery platform, Audio Plug gives its registered members the capability to upload, share and promote their music. The upload feature does not only benefit us but pretty much the community as a whole, and if you are an artist, you gotta be heard and appreciated. So, it’s only right that you join the community and share your favorite songs. Audio Plug provides unlimited storage for your music and other files among other features which you can check out in the about us section. You can also upload songs and provide links to where they can be bought from or direct download links given that you are copyright aware (Be sure as to read our terms of service) or simply put the music up for streaming only.

Putting everything aside, the purpose of this article is to show you how to upload songs on Audio Plug but before getting into it, make sure that your songs are in MP3 format as this is the only music formats that is currently supported. Otherwise, feel free to download a converter from this link and use it to convert your songs to MP3 before upload. That being said, let’s get into it. It is pretty simple actually.

To upload music music, simply hover over Music from the nav-bar menu, and from the drop down pop-up, click on Submit Music or from the header, click on UPLOAD as illustrated in the screenshots below.

Submit Musicor

Upload Music

Following either instructions will take you to the same page, the Music submission page. On the page, you will find the following fields which you will have to fill in. Let’s take for instance you are submitting “Freedom By Beyonce Featuring Kendrick Lamar“. This is is the song that this whole tutorial will be based up.

  • TITLE – Type in the title of the song. In this case “Freedom” will be the title.
  • DESCRIPTION – Type in the description of the song if any for instance our description of this song will be “Freedom By Beyonce Feat. Kendrick Lamar.” You can take this just as an example but free to add more details in case you still have more.
  • COVER – This is the part where you get to add the cover art of the song you are trying to upload by simply clicking or tapping on the ADD IMAGE button and then selecting an image from your already uploaded images or simply uploading a new one.
  • MP3 – This is the field where you get to provide the MP3 music file. You can simply upload you file on our server as we do not allow the sharing of songs hosted outside our servers. We have no storage limits.
  • ARTIST(s) – Select the song artist(s) from the list. In this case, “Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar” are the artists on this song so you will have to tick on Beyonce first then Kendrick Lamar. If an artist is or you as an artist is not yet listed, feel free submit the artist by clicking on this link.
    • NOTE: Leave ICON, TITLE & LINK fields if the song is for streaming only and only use them if the song is for sale or download.
  • ICON A – This where you get to insert an icon where users can click in order to download or buy your song. Clicking on “ADD ICON” will open up our icon library where you can search for and add icons of you liking.
  • TITLE A – This the title of the icon displayed when a user hovers over an your chosen icon. For instance Download Or Buy.
  • LINK A – This is the field where you get to insert the link to where the song can be bought from (It could be an affiliate link if you like), just a normal link to the iTunes store for instance or a direct download link. To provide a download link in case you want your song to be downloadable, simply copy the link generated in the MP3 field after you upload a song.
  • CATEGORIES – This is where you get to choose the genres to which the song you are trying to upload belongs to. For instance “R&B” & “Hip-Hop.” You can choose more than one for a single song.
  • TAGS – These are the year tags. On Audio Plug, you can upload songs that are older than you or just released today. So in cases where you are trying to add a song from 2016, you can simply write 2016 and it will be archived in that year but in case you are adding a song from 1978, you can simply type in 1978 and then comma and then 70s. Like so 1978,70s. The reason for this is so that your song can be archived in both the 1978 archive and as well as in the 70s archive as a whole.
  • After all is done, click or tap on the submit button in order to submit your song which will then immediately be displayed in our recent additions feed.

Upload MP3

That’s it about uploading a song on Audio Plug. Feel free to share this article on any social network or with your friend subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay plugged for updates from us.

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